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School Libraries help students succeed

Cottonwood Plains Elementary parents, PTA, and staff have always been strong supporters of our school library. In the past few years, hundreds of new books have been donated by individuals and groups, and purchased with school funds, in addition to new technologies. Learning that happens in the library complements classroom learning, and lasts a lifetime.

“When support for school libraries rises, reading scores go up and learning by other measures increases also.” That’s what researchers at Mansfield University in Mansfield, PA, found when they examined and summarized the results of 23 studies done around the United States and Canada. “Quality school library programs impact student achievement,” says Debra E. Kachel, a professor in the School Library and Information Technologies Department at Mansfield University. “The research shows clearly that schools that support their library programs give their students a better chance to succeed.”

Ask your student what they did in library today. Read with your students, help them remember to return library books on time, and thank you for helping them succeed!