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The Enrichment Team at Cottonwood Plains is organizing fun, exciting, team-building programs for our students that align with curriculum taught in the classroom.  Enrichment programs are designed to provide innovative learning experiences for students outside the classroom and Cottonwood is committed to providing a wide range of opportunities to all our students.  In order to provide these stimulating activities, we need mentors and coaches.   Why do we encourage enrichment programs?

  • Students will work on and investigate an area of interest in more depth.
  • Involvement in enrichment programs allows for exposure to new hobbies and experiences.
  • Students are allowed to pursue a topic of study under the guidance of a teacher or mentor.
  • New friendships are formed.
  • Creative thinking is developed and enhanced. 

Consider helping us provide these meaningful learning opportunities for our students. Most meetings are before or after school, once a week, for about an hour.    TSD Enrichment - Thompson School District Enrichment Opportunities